What is SkyHive?

SkyHive enables users to create their own digital workspace
where they can network and collaborate with others across the world, learn and develop new skills,
and earn an income using a variety of new tools never before available.



Complete simple sign-up process. Skyhive will help you develop your personal digital workspace.


Join HIVES, or networks of people that come together to collaborate, innovate, create businesses and collectively prosper.


Upgrade your skills at your own pace by accessing the best digital learning available today, on any topic.


Grow your income by growing your digital workspace.


Buy/Sell products and services.
Crowdsource talent and innovation.
Network with others across the world.
Search and find digital work opportunities.
Take courses to learn new skills.
Build your own digital business.
Crowdfund your ideas.
Start a digital corporation with others.
Leverage “gig economy” opportunities.

About Skyhive

We want to thank you for visiting SkyHive and taking time to learn more about our technology and our company.

The concept for SkyHive was borne from the principal that truly great companies not only profit by producing innovative products and services that people love, but at their core are developed to support advancing issues that help the world in some way. That a company can strive to not only disrupt, but can also transform those who use it.

Our White Paper, available on this site, outlines the fabric that we wish to upset and transform. We are creating a digital workspace that people from all over the world can use to expand their networks, and knowledge-base, find opportunity and earn more income. We will achieve this by building incredible tools, using cutting-edge technology that will allow people to collaborate in ways never imagined.

We know SkyHive will be successful if it achieves the following four things:

  1. Accessible: SkyHive will be available to everyone, regardless of location, operating system or device.
  2. Inclusive: SkyHive will enable those who do not have general access to work opportunities to create a digital workspace to network, learn and earn. This includes those who are living in remote communities, those who are disabled, those who are in less developed countries and many more.
  3. Innovative: SkyHive will serve as a platform for users to collaborate to not only share and create new ideas, but commercialize them and prosper through the development of digital enterprises.
  4. Global: Regardless of country or culture, users can interact with one another and collectively prosper.

SkyHive is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its development began in 2016 and it will be introduced to the world in late 2017.