The following is a list of hives which are not active.

Largest Art Wiki is looking for Ideas to Make it Profitable Completed

Best Answer: $200 Referral Prize: $150, started in 2011 and used by millions of students and fans every year, cannot reach break even and is looking for your advice

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Self-Driving Cars are Here Completed

Best Answer: $120 Referral Prize: $40

Submit an idea for any new business that will support self-driving cars.

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Creating Opportunity in the Philippines and for Filipinos Completed

The Philippines today is one of the most exciting countries in Asia. Tell us what it means to be Filipino, and what matters most to you.

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"No Parent Should Have to Decide if they Can Afford to Save their Child's Life" Completed

This hive is dedicated to mobilizing SkyHive users to generate ideas on how we can provide basic medical care for all people, regardless of economic class.

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